If you are a child in the 80's you probably possessed at least one of the "My Little Pony" toy characters available at the time.
However I don't remember them looking as fantastic as this collection!
The images above are a small collection of my favourites from the 
"My Little Pony" Project, pop-up exhibition that was showing in New York that I discovered.

20 artists were given a blank horse canvas on which to apply their unique artwork. The designs are so different and fabulous and each pony / artist definitely makes their own statement and stands out.
The artists that took part were: 6%Dokidoki, 64Colors, Bei Badgirl, Beast Brothers, Camilla d'Errico, Chikuwaemil, Cope2, Dabs & Myla, eimi, Hanazuki, Hime+you, Indie184, Jeremiah Ketner, Malcolm Stuart for Joyrich, Junie Moon, Julie West, Lisa Alisa, Lamour Supreme, Luke Chueh, Madoka Kanoshita, Martin Hsu, Onch Movement, Perez Hilton, Rob Reger, Shojono Tomo, Sucklord, TOUMA, and more.

My favourite designs that featured were from OnchMovementEdward Fong

and Julie West.
Why not check out what else they are working on!

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