#100DaysofHappinessChallenge > DAY 8, 2nd PHOTO

Day 8 > Movie Date.
So far I have posted one image per day as part of the "100 Day's of happiness Challenge" but when a few things happened that made me smile today I thought why stop at one image surely the more things you can post per day the better! 
So here is my second image of happiness for Day 8. 

I had bought tickets for Sloans "Eat Film" where they were showing the classic Pulp Fiction.
Watching one of my favourite films with a bottle of wine and lovely food in
 a gorgeous old venue just made my day.


#100DaysofHappinessChallenge > DAY 8

Day 8 > Rainbow.
I've noticed that although I am managing to post a picture a day of something that makes me smile some days I don't notice it until late at night but today it was first thing.
This rainbow hit me between the eyes on my way to the train station and the picture doesn't do it justice as it was a lot brighter but it definitely made me smile and reminded me that sometimes we have to put up with a little rain before we find something beautiful.
I think rainbows have a slightly magical feel to them and I can't help but think of them as a sign that it's going to be a good day. 

#100DaysofHappinessChallenge > DAY 7

Day 7 > Game of Thrones Series 4.
Apologies for the image quality but I took a picture of the moving intro of Game of Thrones on my phone for this post.
I am so excited for the start of this series as I've watched the previous 3 series twice. I can't wait to see what happens as there are always twists and plots that you don't see coming.


#100DaysofHappinessChallenge > DAY 6

Day 6 > My leopard creepers.
I am a sucker for a leopard print and don't wear these enough. I'm always a bit self conscious before I put them on but as soon as I do I feel like a grrrl with attitude, a badass rockabilly chick that can take on the world.
I love how a piece of clothing or make up can totally change your mood and presents a little bit of your personality to the world.
Life's a catwalk!

#100DaysofHappinessChallenge > DAY 5

Day 5 > Saturday Pamper.
My mum and I decided to treat ourselves to some facials and a bit of lunch after. It was great catching up and a great reminder to make time for yourself and your loved ones.

#100DaysofHappinessChallenge > DAY 4

Day 4 > Spring flowers.
There's nothing like a bunch of fresh red tulips to brighten up your day.


#100DaysofHappinessChallenge > DAY 3

Day 3 > Bubble Bath.
I had my 2nd Insanity fitness class today and although I'm loving it, it is not getting any easier.
A big bubble bath and some scented candles were exactly what I needed.


#100DaysofHappinessChallenge > DAY 2

Day 2 > Brand new Tank Girl graphic novel announced
I am beyond geeking about the fact that the creators of Tank Girl, that include the amazing illustrator Jamie Hewllet of Gorillaz, are creating a brand new graphic novel!!!
I love it even more as it is totally funded by a kickstarter fund which I contributed to so feel like  I had a part to play in it's creation oh yeah and  I receive a signed copy of the 100 page A4 book when its released at the end of April!!!!
Happy? I'm bloody ecstatic!

#100DaysofHappinessChallenge > DAY 1

Day 1 > Fave retro movie date.
kahuna burgers / 5 doller shakes / preacher man / pulp fiction /  my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die / as you wish / Princess Bride / Kelly Le brock / movie date / sloans / he doesn't even have a license Lisa / Weird Science / we got one / stay puff man / slimer / Ghostbusters