I have been super busy in the DeesignGeek studio but Valentines Day holds a special place in my heart and even though it's a bit early I have already started planning for it.
It doesn't matter if I'm going steady with someone or happily moseying around on my own. I love doing little things for people to let them know you're thinking about them, whether its your sister, mum or your best friend who's always been there.
I started looking for the perfect cards for everyone and just found them too soppy. I am a geek for collecting inspiring quotes and decided to create a range of Valentines cards. Because there are some people who don't love Valentines as much me I also created cute Anti-Valentines cards.My favourite is the "Kapow" card as it also works as a poster and reminds me to start each day with "KAPOW!" and I couldn't resist adding the card images to a picture of my dream office to see what they would look like.

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