Can you introduce yourself and describe what you do?
I'm an illustrator based in Glasgow. I graduated with BA (HONS) Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009. 
Since graduating I have been building up a career inspired by the city I know live in. 
I mainly create a card and print range but venture into other products including fabric,T-shirts, homeware, timber lasercuts and up-cycled furniture. 

What is a typical day like for you?
I normally get to my studio for 11 after reading emails over breakfast and coffee, maybe a card delivery on the way. If its not typical Glasgow weather I enjoy a cycle along the Clyde to the studio. Once there I enjoy a wee chat with fellow studio mates. I'm surrounded by painters, printmakers, framers, poets and video artists so its always fascinating to see what they are working on. Then after a day of working away I'll normally head home around 7. 

Who or what inspires you?
I can't go without saying that Glasgow inspires me, from interning with Timerous Beasties, creating illustrations for local shops, or walking through Kelvingrove park. Seeing other work by fellow illustrators is always inspiring, local gallery Recoat is a great showcase for illustrators. 
On a larger scale, following favourite artists on Instagram has recently become a great way to see how and where international illustrators work (behind the scenes). Johanna Basford, Mike Perry, Lesley Barnes, Susie Wright to name but a few. 

What do you most enjoy about the work you do?
There is two elements I particularly enjoy. Working on commissions for people is very rewarding, its lovely to create a piece of work that is really relevant to that particular person and see what it means to them. 
I enjoy setting up stall at Sloans market, Granny Would Be Proud and other fairs. I get such a buzz from meeting the people that actually want to part with their money for something I have made. To be honest, to be at a stage where I can live off what I love doing is a real treasure and what I enjoy most. 

What piece of work or achievement have you been most proud of so far?
I enjoy trying out other ways to see my illustrations come off a flat piece of paper. 
One way is when I upcycle furniture with my digital printed fabric. I was really excited when some pieces featured in 'Editors Picks' section of the Home And Interiors show at the SECC and also to be featured in the Magazine. I was also very happy to work with a client as big as Jo Malone, painting live instore. I'm slowly beginning to feel proud to say I'm an illustrator and really believe it!  

What has the biggest challenge been so far?
In the first couple of years, a big challenge was simply to build the confidence. Its can be very difficult to know what your own work is worth, having the ability to charge what your work is really worth can really be a big challenge. There is always a balance in doing the free work to get your name out there and then drawing the line when you actually need to pay the rent.

Whats in store for the future?
I have some exciting project in the pipeline. Currently working on an animation, which is a first. This is a collaboration between myself and composer Richy Carey and author Martin Fro den. I'm also working on patterns that will be rocking down the catwalk in May, on mens suits at St. Martins. Then its time to step up the business head to get my products national shops ready (and Commonwealth games ready)

Whenever you have read interviews before what question do you always wish they had asked? "Where do you work from?"
I have recently moved into my own little studio, which I really love. Its on the third floor of East Campbell street Wasp Studios.  I was finding it difficult working from my own bedroom. It is something that I know illustrators can struggle with, working all day on your own day after day isn't everyone cup of tea. 
There really is something more satisfying in having somewhere to go to work at. Its also great to be around other working artists, inspiring and motivating. I'm looking forward to my new studio share poet moving in. Bookcases and Armchairs are coming. Hopefully a collaboration...



Can you introduce yourself and describe what you do?
I'm Leelah MacAulay designer behind Sweet Danger, hailing from Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. I specialize in hand dying and making silk garments!

How did you come up with the name "Sweet Danger" and what does it stand for / represent?
Sweet Danger represents my roots and my aspirations. 
The MacAulay clan motto is “Dulce Periculum” or Danger is Sweet. To me it represents a clan that were not afraid to explore new lands and experience new surroundings. I aim to put that same spirit into my designs!

Can you describe a typical wearer of a "Sweet Danger" piece?
Someone who enjoys colour, texture and individuality!

What is a typical day like for you?
Depending on the weather I will usually be outside dying up silk or indoors mixing up colours and designing. 
I am currently working on a couple of one off Harris Tweed dresses also so will be excited to see them finished!

Who or what inspires you?
Definitely my surroundings it is so beautiful around the Island there's always somewhere new to explore and be inspired by. 

What do you most enjoy about the work you do?
I love playing with colour and textures and designing - of course! seeing a design come to life is always an exciting moment too!

What piece of work have you been most proud of so far?
I would say my entry for the Scotland Re:designed with Mandors competition. My dress along with four others were chosen to exhibit with Mandors. It was an excellent showcase aimed at giving a platform for new Scottish fashion designers, manufacturers and textile companies. 

What has been the biggest challenge been so far?
Relocating back to Lewis has had its challenges, not being able to nip out to the shops for fabric and zips and little things like that!

Last of all what's in store for the future of "Sweet Danger."
The website will be up and running soon so I'm very excited about that its been a long time coming!

Images of the House of Danger's S/S 13 collection was created with the help of:
Photographer:Anette SchiveModel: Jude Tsang
MUA: Emma Motion

House of Danger are currently working on their website but you can find out more by Liking their Facebook page:

or Follow on them on Twitter:



One of my favourite Disney films is Sleeping Beauty so when CJ got me tickets for Valentines to see Matthew Bourne's ballet version of it I was excited and a little bit apprehensive, on the inside I was pleading for it to be good. It was set in the beautiful Kings theatre and I took a panoramic picture from my seat to let you see the gorgeous detail for yourself. 

I am constantly inspired by things I see and do and was still thinking about the story, costumes and music the next day.

Matthew Bourne's take on a classic saw him deciding to replace the main villain Maleficent with her son who was looking for revenge 
which definitely kept you interested, the 3 hours whizzed by! 

By using the same music that featured in the Disney version makes sure you remember key moments and although you're not allowed to take photos during the performance I featured some website images and a link to the YouTube trailer for you to have a look at.



Steve Buscemi, 1920's Glamour, Speakeasy's, Al Capone, Prohibition Laws
What's not to love! Series 4, Where are you?!

You just know it's going to be a good night if there's a glitter ball.
To me it means its time to catch up with the girls, have a giggle and a dance.

I'm not really a "chocolate" person but this is heaven.

There is nothing better than a good belly laugh to make you feel better. Apparently for every happy friend you surround yourself with will make you 9% happier and it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile! 
If we needed any better reason to keep smiling this is it!

I love hanging out with my friends and watching bands so festivals are perfect for me! Even if the weather's not ideal, the people and memories make it worthwhile.

I am only 5" and am constantly looking up to people : ) 
so heels make me "normal" height at least some of the time.
Although I prefer little pumps for work and during the day (because I'm usually running late and therefore always running)

I liked Florence's first album "Lungs" but she cemented my love for her when she covered my all time favourite song "You've Got The Love" by Candi Staton.
My highlight of TinthePark 2012 was seeing her perform and crying (for some reason) at "Never Let me go". 
She is fabulous.

Anything glittery makes me happy, if a dress, bag or coat has sequins on it I am immediately drawn to it and have to have it.

I love anything strawberry flavoured apart from strawberries, 
Apparently my mum went strawberry picking when she was pregnant and decided to eat a bit too many "free" samples.
These little sweets are perfect.

I totally believe age is just a number and you can do whatever you want whenever you want.
Iris is the perfect cover girl for this belief as someone who is 91 and continuing to inspire people in the fashion world and the Metropolitan Museum of Art to MAC cosmetics.

I love doing anything for a laugh and Halloween is the perfect excuse to spray everything silver and buy a laser gun (meant for 6 year olds).
Yes that's me in the purple wig and my sister dressed as Lady Gaga.

I found this perfume a couple of months ago and I love the smell so much I could actually eat it!

So refreshing and reminds me of Barcelona, my favourite city.

I am definitely a night person and there is always something to do in a city. 

This flower represents happiness to me for some reason.

I believe tattoo's done well are a beautiful thing.
I have a butterfly already and have been working on designing my second one for the last 10 years.
Hey it needs to be perfect but I keep changing my mind.

To me tea has; social, soothing, relaxing and calming properties.
And tastes even better when someone else is making it for you!

I'm a sucker for a self help book and it was by chance that I stumbled across The Secret. The basic theme of the "Law of Attraction" that runs through this book made so much sense to me and made me rethink about the way I think and do certain things for the better.

No explanation needed : )

Trainers make me feel like a kid, which is never a bad thing.
And is it me or do they make you run faster?
No? Just me then : )



Can you introduce yourself and describe what you do?
Hello! I'm Nikki and I'm a designer and maker. I draw, screenprint, sew and dunk biscuits!

What is a typical day like for you?
Hmm- that's really difficult to answer as every day varies, depending on what I'm working on at the time...but that's how I like it!  One thing's set in stone though- I always start the day with a cup of tea!

Who or what inspires you?
I find inspiration can come from almost anywhere. I try to write or sketch down my ideas when they come as otherwise I'd forget them all!

What do you most enjoy about the work you do?
I love experimenting with new materials and ideas- it's like play time! 

What piece of work or achievement have you been most proud of so far?
At the moment it's my new Biscuit Tape. I'm a total stationery addict and avid washi tape collector, so I was really excited about making my own illustrated tape. The response to it so far has been brilliant- so it's great to know that other people like it too! 

What has the biggest challenge been so far?
Resisting the biscuit aisle in the supermarket. Cushions can be hungry work! ;) 

What's in store for the future?
I'm currently working on new products to add to the range. I don't want to say too much yet- but I'm really excited about it all!

Whenever you have read interviews before what question do you always wish they had asked?
Oh, good question! I think it would be: "What's your Favourite Recipe?"
I'd have to say- it's currently our homemade gyros. For anyone who's never been to Cyprus or Greece- a Gyro is a pita or bread wrap filled with grilled meat, chips & salad. We make them at home with homemade rosemary chips, grilled lamb, fresh tzatsiki and salad with lemon juice. Amazing!



I am a massive fan of Valentines Day but I am also a firm believer that you have to learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else.
So I decided to create a free downloadable calender for the month of February just for you that includes a strong message to remind you to "Love Yourself".

If you have any issues downloading, try right clicking (Control and Click on the mac) on JPEG and save directly to your computer.
All photos and artwork are © Stacey Wilson for DeesignGeek. Artwork in the downloadable PDF is free strictly for personal use, not for commercial use. Sharing these photos on Pinterest is welcome as long as you credit and link back to deesigngeek.com. If you'd like to blog about this post, a) I will love you forever and b) feel free to use a couple of photos provided that you link back to the full post on this page. Please do not distribute my downloadable artwork from your site and, as a courtesy, please do not link directly to the PDF download on my site- Instead, please link back to this page. Thanks so much for reading this boring stuff!



Alexhibition Art first came to my attention through Facebook and a mutual admiration of Miss Led's work. 
I loved the way she used the delicate medium of watercolour to illustrate darker subjects as well as the vibrant colours she achieved. 
When I decided to start a Q&A feature I instantly knew who I wanted to be the first interview to appear, but would she do it?
I tentatively sent her an email asking if I could fire over a few questions for her to answer and she instantly replied that she would looove too! So here they are!

Can you introduce yourself and describe what you do? >
I'm Alex, and I work under the name Alexhibition Art. 
I'm a self-taught freelance artist from Scotland. I generally work with watercolour paints on the thickest possible papers I can get my paws on. On top of that, I'll doodle to death with various mediums from ball point pens to inks. 

What is a typical day like for you? > 
I cannot start my day with anything other than breakfast! 
Honestly, I can't function without it. I always try to clear my head and just get in the right mindset for a day of working with my doodles. Some light exercise or Pilates usually does the trick, then it's straight into the paint.

Who or what inspires you? >
I have so many people I look up to and draw inspiration from. 
There's a handful of artists I'll always look up to and admire the work of, and looking at their work always boosts me forward. Mike Shinoda, Kaspian Shore, Miss LED, Richard J Oliver and Cory Benhatzel to name a few! 
The slightest things can inspire a new piece though - birds, skulls, anything a little morbid, colourful things, patterns and music. 

What do you most enjoy about the work you do? >
I absolutely live for the moments when I hand over a piece of artwork I've done for someone, and the appreciation they give. That has to be the most enjoyable thing about doing anything artistic, that someone loves something you've poured your heart and soul into. That, and being able to work in my PJs :)

What piece of work or achievement have you been most proud of so far? >
With every piece I do, I feel I improve just a little bit, so each new piece is something to be proud of. 
Lately, I've been working towards putting on a week long exhibition with my group of artists, and I'm amazingly proud of what we're achieving. 

What has the biggest challenge been for you so far? >
It sounds silly, but it's always a challenge for me to tell someone that I'm an artist. I'm not ashamed, but I always feel like I'm a fraud for claiming to be one. I have such a long way to go in this field, and I'll always strive to improve and become better, but with each passing day I'm closer to freely telling people that yes, I'm an artist! I can draw!

You recently founded The Leviathan Art Collective, can you tell us a bit about it and what it represents for you?
I've always found the art world to be a tough place to break into, and felt it would be easier to group together with other artists to conquer it together. The Leviathan Art Collective is a group of self-taught artists working together to put on awesome shows and to produce awesome art together. 
For me, it represents a way for us all to showcase our work together and with each other's support. 
It's scary to exhibit on your own, or in a place you don't know, so this way we're all together and so much stronger for it. 

What's in store for the future of "Alexhibition Art"? >
Hopefully this is what I'll be doing until I'm old and grey, that's the plan anyway! 
I can't see myself doing anything out with the art world. I would love to take The Leviathan Art Collective to a whole new level and tour the world. 
Fingers crossed on our success!

Whenever you read interviews before what question do you wish they had asked? >
I'm always intrigued by the time other artists put into their pieces. 
I always just want to know, "how long did that take from start to finish? 
How many times did you have to draw things out? 
Did you have to redraw it a million times?" For me, each doodle is the product of several preliminary sketches and attempts to get it how it comes out in the end. Most of my pieces are A2, and take roughly 25 – 30 hours to get to where they are when I upload their photos online. 

We'd like to say a great big "Thank You" to Alex for taking the time to talk to us and Good Luck with everything in the future! 

You can check out Alex's portfolio at www.alexhibition.com

Like her on Facebook:

or Follow her on Twitter: @iamalexhibition



There we were busily updating our Etsy shop when we saw a little "Happy Birthday" message pop up. We had been so busy that we nearly forgot our own birthday!

The last two years have been so much fun and have seen DeesignGeek grow from Carbon Designs (this name nearly made it because carbon is found everywhere - even in skin and diamonds and I wanted to create designs that would feature everywhere but it just didn't feel right) to eventually settling on DeesignGeek.

It's easy to forget all the things you have achieved so we decided to write down a list of the 
top 10 things to happen to us so far.

1. Awarded a start up grant

2. Designed and developed our website

3. Started Facebook and Twitter business accounts

4. Started a design Blog

5. Opened an Etsy shop

6. Organised a 50's inspired photoshoot for our portfolio LookBook

7. A company based in the Netherlands was one of our first clients

8. Met some lovely people networking.

9. Organised the layout and feature designs for the first issues of TLG magazine that is now stocked in WHSmith.

10. We are in the process of creating a packaging design which will feature in Boots stores 

The first year was definitely a learning experience and a lot of it was spent creating an online presence to allow people to find DeesignGeek pages, get in touch and to view previous work online. As well as tweaking the DeesignGeek brand and message that we wanted to get across. In the second year we created seasonal direct marketing items to send to specific businesses we would love to work with and got lots of great feedback, we also focused on increasing our client base.

We are so excited to start our 3rd year and are planning to focus on wholesale opportunities for a specially designed range of TShirts, Tote Bags and Paper goods such as posters, cards and postcards.
See you same time next year!