This year I decided to create a specially designed Christmas card to post to friends, family, clients and twitter followers. I think "corporate" cards can sometimes come across quite cold (no pun intended) and although it was important that people knew who it was designed by I wanted to spread a little festive cheer and what is more christmassy than candy canes?

One bulk order of mini candy canes and I was on my way.

This also gave me the idea for the message "Have a Sweet Christmas" because lets face it thats what we love most about xmas.
I tried to create a christmas card that was basically a 3 in 1 gift with the actual card, the candy cane which could be used for; Hanging on the tree, Decorating a gift, Serving with Hot chocolate or just to eat! and also a pack of 2 Gift tags designed and printed in the style of the Card.
I decided to package them in a purple foil envelope to incorporate Deesigngeek's brand colour and stick a snowball shaped sticker with the xmas message on it and a circular address label to make sure even the outside looked

It was hard work putting it together but totally worth!