At the end of November I went on a last minute trip to New York, it wasn't like anything I expected and I loved it even more for it. 
I don't know if it was the place or the fact it was a change of scene but I definitely came back revitalised and inspired!
Although there is so much to do in New York, it made me fall in love with my own city all over again by helping me realise that there is plenty of new and exciting things to do if you only look for it.
Here is a 360 degree video to give you a true impression of the bright lights of 
Times Square as well as some of my favourite images that I took.



Just before Christmas I went to the cinema to see "It's a Wonderful Life" for the first time and loved it. I was aware that it was about a man who was shown what everyone's life would have been like if he had never existed but the way the story was laid out, showing you his ambitions as a young boy to travel and leave the small town that he was brought up in helped you understand the helplessness he felt when life's circumstances stopped him from doing that.
However in his alternative life he was surrounded by friends and family who adored him. 

It made me think about how life might not turn out how you expect it but you will still be exactly where you need to be, for yourself and others.



The last Xmas gift has been wrapped, the bows have been stuck and posted today so we thought we would create something just for you. Here is a free Gift Tag design for you to print and add to your presents.
Simply right click and save the JPEG to your computer and print onto good quality card and then:

Here's one we made earlier.
Why not add some Christmas sparkle to your presents and double layer your Gift Tag with a glitter card circle and finish it off with a festive red ribbon. 

Once all your Gift's are wrapped why not add some Christmas decorations with these specially designed paper chains. 
They are so simple to make the kids can help too!
Simply right click and save the JPEG to your computer and print onto good quality card and then:
1. Print as many as you want
2. Cut out each chain along the black line
3. Sellotape or staple the ends of one piece together to form a loop
4. Thread the next strip of paper through your loop. Again secure the ends together.
5. Continue until its as long as you need it
6. Hang it to add some festive cheer

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{ all images by Stacey Wilson}


I absolutely love Christmas and to say a great big "Thank You" to my lovely freelance clients that I've created designs for in 2012 instead of sending a Christmas card I decided to design a Christmas gift pack. Here are images of the a milk carton shaped container I created which held the "Milk" and Cookie Gifts. 
No pack would be complete without a Christmas card which also included a badge.
They are intended for them to leave out for Santa but they probably deserve them just as much.