This week we were working in the studio focusing on white balance and the depth of field. 
This is basically making sure anything that's white looks white in the image and creating the effect where the object that's closest to the lens is in focus but the object in the background is blurred.
There's so many things to take into account when your taking a photo, even the temperature of the light that is being used can effect the image but it was a really interesting class working with the focus, shadows and light.



How nice is it to get things in the post other than bills?
My friend first told me about GlossyBox, a service that you pay a 
monthly subscription to receive 5 beauty samples wrapped in a beautiful box straight to your door. The samples are a mystery so it's like a suprise gift to yourself.
Sign me up I thought and as my very first GlossyBox dropped in my letterbox I wasn't disappointed. 

The theme was City Chic and contained; 

Nails Inc nail varnish
Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush
Tresemme Hairspray
Juicy Couture "Couture La La"
Elizabeth Arden Eight hour Cream

The lip blush and nail polish was red, perfect statement colours that I always add to brighten up my outfit and day. I was even glad of the Hairspray as I had just ran out and it was even my usual brand. Result!
To be honest I wasn't sure about the Couture La La perfume but it turned out to be a lovely light spring scent.
And last but not least I found some Elizabeth Arden in there too!

And that's not all, as well as the 5 products they included some stickers and a little Travel Book with facts and places to go in some main cities like London, New York and Stockholm. I was quite excited about this as I am heading to Copenhagen for Easter and although it wasn't mentioned it was nice to see some pics of Sweden to get me in the holiday mood.

Can't wait to see what's in the April Box!



I've always wanted to take better pictures and at the start of the year I made it one of my goals to learn how. So I booked myself on an photography evening course for beginners in January that started in March and before I knew it I'd been to 2 classes!
I wasn't sure whether I should post the images I took as they are nowhere near how I want them to look but you have to start somewhere so here they are.