OK so I like to be organised but I admit it, I am also a total procrastinator!
Sometimes I will give myself the task of organising my calendar before I start that really important (but boring) task. I wanted to gift a calendar which people could download and decided to design a monthly printable with a "motivational" quote that is more like a punch in the face (which we all need sometimes) but also soft (because we don't want to be too hard on ourselves), this was achieved by including a sweary word (apologies if you're offended) and a sweet colour palette, which makes it cute right?

I have been blogging a bit more that usual and have noticed how important it is to schedule your posts and have a resource of subject ideas which is why I also included a January Blogging Calendar with space for a "To Do" List and a section to write your post ideas. Hope you like it!
Follow the instructions below to print your own.

If you have any issues downloading, try right clicking (Control and Click on the mac) on JPEG and save directly to your computer.
All photos and artwork are © Stacey Wilson for DeesignGeek. Artwork in the downloadable PDF is free strictly for personal use, not for commercial use. Sharing these photos on Pinterest is welcome as long as you credit and link back to deesigngeek.com. If you'd like to blog about this post, a) I will love you forever and b) feel free to use a couple of photos provided that you link back to the full post on this page. Please do not distribute my downloadable artwork from your site and, as a courtesy, please do not link directly to the PDF download on my site- Instead, please link back to this page. Thanks so much for reading this boring stuff!

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