There we were busily updating our Etsy shop when we saw a little "Happy Birthday" message pop up. We had been so busy that we nearly forgot our own birthday!

The last two years have been so much fun and have seen DeesignGeek grow from Carbon Designs (this name nearly made it because carbon is found everywhere - even in skin and diamonds and I wanted to create designs that would feature everywhere but it just didn't feel right) to eventually settling on DeesignGeek.

It's easy to forget all the things you have achieved so we decided to write down a list of the 
top 10 things to happen to us so far.

1. Awarded a start up grant

2. Designed and developed our website

3. Started Facebook and Twitter business accounts

4. Started a design Blog

5. Opened an Etsy shop

6. Organised a 50's inspired photoshoot for our portfolio LookBook

7. A company based in the Netherlands was one of our first clients

8. Met some lovely people networking.

9. Organised the layout and feature designs for the first issues of TLG magazine that is now stocked in WHSmith.

10. We are in the process of creating a packaging design which will feature in Boots stores 

The first year was definitely a learning experience and a lot of it was spent creating an online presence to allow people to find DeesignGeek pages, get in touch and to view previous work online. As well as tweaking the DeesignGeek brand and message that we wanted to get across. In the second year we created seasonal direct marketing items to send to specific businesses we would love to work with and got lots of great feedback, we also focused on increasing our client base.

We are so excited to start our 3rd year and are planning to focus on wholesale opportunities for a specially designed range of TShirts, Tote Bags and Paper goods such as posters, cards and postcards.
See you same time next year!

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