Alexhibition Art first came to my attention through Facebook and a mutual admiration of Miss Led's work. 
I loved the way she used the delicate medium of watercolour to illustrate darker subjects as well as the vibrant colours she achieved. 
When I decided to start a Q&A feature I instantly knew who I wanted to be the first interview to appear, but would she do it?
I tentatively sent her an email asking if I could fire over a few questions for her to answer and she instantly replied that she would looove too! So here they are!

Can you introduce yourself and describe what you do? >
I'm Alex, and I work under the name Alexhibition Art. 
I'm a self-taught freelance artist from Scotland. I generally work with watercolour paints on the thickest possible papers I can get my paws on. On top of that, I'll doodle to death with various mediums from ball point pens to inks. 

What is a typical day like for you? > 
I cannot start my day with anything other than breakfast! 
Honestly, I can't function without it. I always try to clear my head and just get in the right mindset for a day of working with my doodles. Some light exercise or Pilates usually does the trick, then it's straight into the paint.

Who or what inspires you? >
I have so many people I look up to and draw inspiration from. 
There's a handful of artists I'll always look up to and admire the work of, and looking at their work always boosts me forward. Mike Shinoda, Kaspian Shore, Miss LED, Richard J Oliver and Cory Benhatzel to name a few! 
The slightest things can inspire a new piece though - birds, skulls, anything a little morbid, colourful things, patterns and music. 

What do you most enjoy about the work you do? >
I absolutely live for the moments when I hand over a piece of artwork I've done for someone, and the appreciation they give. That has to be the most enjoyable thing about doing anything artistic, that someone loves something you've poured your heart and soul into. That, and being able to work in my PJs :)

What piece of work or achievement have you been most proud of so far? >
With every piece I do, I feel I improve just a little bit, so each new piece is something to be proud of. 
Lately, I've been working towards putting on a week long exhibition with my group of artists, and I'm amazingly proud of what we're achieving. 

What has the biggest challenge been for you so far? >
It sounds silly, but it's always a challenge for me to tell someone that I'm an artist. I'm not ashamed, but I always feel like I'm a fraud for claiming to be one. I have such a long way to go in this field, and I'll always strive to improve and become better, but with each passing day I'm closer to freely telling people that yes, I'm an artist! I can draw!

You recently founded The Leviathan Art Collective, can you tell us a bit about it and what it represents for you?
I've always found the art world to be a tough place to break into, and felt it would be easier to group together with other artists to conquer it together. The Leviathan Art Collective is a group of self-taught artists working together to put on awesome shows and to produce awesome art together. 
For me, it represents a way for us all to showcase our work together and with each other's support. 
It's scary to exhibit on your own, or in a place you don't know, so this way we're all together and so much stronger for it. 

What's in store for the future of "Alexhibition Art"? >
Hopefully this is what I'll be doing until I'm old and grey, that's the plan anyway! 
I can't see myself doing anything out with the art world. I would love to take The Leviathan Art Collective to a whole new level and tour the world. 
Fingers crossed on our success!

Whenever you read interviews before what question do you wish they had asked? >
I'm always intrigued by the time other artists put into their pieces. 
I always just want to know, "how long did that take from start to finish? 
How many times did you have to draw things out? 
Did you have to redraw it a million times?" For me, each doodle is the product of several preliminary sketches and attempts to get it how it comes out in the end. Most of my pieces are A2, and take roughly 25 – 30 hours to get to where they are when I upload their photos online. 

We'd like to say a great big "Thank You" to Alex for taking the time to talk to us and Good Luck with everything in the future! 

You can check out Alex's portfolio at www.alexhibition.com

Like her on Facebook:

or Follow her on Twitter: @iamalexhibition

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