"People accept the love they think they deserve"
My favourite quote from one of my favourite books "Perks of a Wallflower"

Apologies for the MASSIVE image of me. I'm not actually that fond of getting my photo taken but how could I write a post on loving yourself and then let my insecurities take over?

So what's your thoughts on Valentines? a day where you can show people how much you care? or just another day? I believe we should show love EVERY day but you know how it is, we get so caught up in our lives we forget and need an allocated day where we are reminded to do this.

However the one person you should treat well every day is yourself! If your not happy with yourself how can anyone else make you happy? 
We constantly look to external factors to make us feel good internally, this can work temporarily but for a long term fix you need to accept some responsibility for yourself.

Sorry if that sounded a bit heavy and harsh but it's true. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture or take a long time to work on.

I've found that it helps to ~
Start small / Start now / Be honest / Do it every day.

1. Do something that makes you truly happy and brings a smile to your face, listen to your favourite song, do a stupid dance when no-ones around or meet a friend for coffee.

2. Don't over think what to do or make excuses for why you can't do it, just do something!

3. Be honest about what makes you truly happy and do it!
Do not let fear convince you that you will look stupid or that others will judge you, it's about making you feel better not them!

4. The key to making the "feel good" feeling stick is consistency, when you feel down you might go straight to the chocolate, hit the gym or call a friend but what if you were doing these things when you felt good too? It takes a lot of work to fit something new into your routine every day but it will be definitely worth it in the long run.

Another fun exercise to help you to start thinking about the promises you can make to yourself that I found on 
Gala Darling is to write your very own Self Love Manifesto. 
Start it with "Radical self love is...." and just write.

My personal manifesto is:
Self love is meditating every morning. 
Seeing the positive in every situation.
It's about fuelling your body with nutritious, healthy food and water but not feeling guilty if you swap it for cheesecake once in a while. 
Being authentic and not apologising for your approach to life. 
Self love is exfoliating and moisturising. 
Living your dream and pushing boundaries whilst having fun. 
Surrounding myself with supportive and loving people. 
Having a weird dance that NO-ONE will see but makes me laugh every time I do it. 
Doing what's best for me.
Self love is about being an individual and being connected. 

Learning lessons that are never finished and always evolving. 
Self love is about celebrating the small and big things that happen.

You can never have too much love in the world but why not start with yourself?

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