I love card shopping. 

There's nothing like finding thee perfect card that has the perfect balance between the design and the text. However I've been struggling more and more to find cool, quirky and unique cards so I decided to create a range of cards that I would like to buy.

I've been super busy creating them and they are finally available from my Etsy shop it's quite nerve wracking making something that you like and then making it available for other people to buy..... or not to buy and / or judge.
I'm a great believer of at least trying and I have already sold a "10 Things I hate about you" card to a customer in Los Angeles and a "Love you to the Moon" card to a 
customer in London which I am so excited about and it definitly gives you the confidence to carry on trying something new.

What have you tried recently even though you were scared to?

If you can't remember the last time you did, why not make today the day you do! 

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