I love a To-Do-List, organising and setting goals but sometimes I get so caught up in the whole list making I forget to tick anything off it and I'm not the only one, only 5% of people who set New Year Resolutions actually maintain them! 
Wowza that's not a lot but it's because we don't actually know the steps you have to follow to achieve long term results, I know I don't. Like I said, defining what I'd like to achieve? no probs, write a list, draw a mind map but then what?

Well I found this process for clarifying your goals once you've defined them and I love it! 

Check it out: First you make sure your goal is SMART:

S: Specific. Set a time / date to your goal.
M: Measurable. If it can't be measured how will you know it's been achieved?
A: Achievable.Make sure it's realistic.
R: Realistic. The goal must be relevant to you and your situation.
T: Time. Set a specific period of time you will work on making it happen.

Once you've done that apply the SOFI goal analysis tool:

S: Strengths. What can you do or already do that can help you achieve your goal.
O:Options. What are the options available to you?
F:Fears. What scares you about this goal.
I: Impediments. What impedes you from achieving this goal.

I have been reading about letting go of fear as I realised that I find it hard to start a new project because I am fearful that 
1. no-one will like it, 2. it will be no good or 3. I might not have ideas. The SOFI tool unveils any hidden reasons that you might not achieve your goal and with this extra insight you have more support and encouragement when you start. It's definitely helped me look at the what fear factors I might throw up in my own way and prepare for that.

There are so many tips for setting goals you can look up but hopefully SOFI will help get you started to make 2014 your year!

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