seems to have done it all so far in her 13 year career. Being a graphic designer can mean that you have to have illustrator and photography feathers to your hat but she's managed to study interior design, advertising, illustration AND graphic design. 
Soon after starting an interior design course she realised she preferred graphic design. She also included the illustrations that she started drawing as a hobby into the designs. After graduating she also co founded "What If", a lifestyle brand that saw her illustrations applied to silk scarves and cushion covers with Sony and MTV among her commercial clients.

This lady is such an inspiration but how does she manage to find time to create such a varied portfolio? She says ~

"Life need's a balance between doing something that makes money so you can live and something that makes you feel alive. I like to collaborate with good people and some of them work in different creative fields. I do it for fun and to improve myself. I think illustration can be applied to so many media.
It gives you a really different feel than seeing them on paper. 
When I have free time I do some personal work, experiment and collaborate."

I absolutely love her attitude because it inspires you to also create designs for wall murals and fabric.

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