Week 5:
So I thought last week's photography class was excellent and then I discovered film photography and instantly fell in love with it.
Ok so maybe at the start of the class I was like "whaddyamean we won't be able to check our pictures when we've taken them?!?" you know to check they're at least in focus.
It was a great way to test how much technical info you had taken in over the last few weeks so we loaded our B/W film and off we went to the clydeside to take our pics. We only had 36 pics in a roll of film and as we usually take about 136 with a digital camera I did feel a bit restricted but as you're taking twice as long to take the image I found myself on 26 and struggling to finish the roll. When we'd finished we then handed it into the college lab to create our negatives for us to pick up next week. Can't wait to see them!

Week 6:
This week we picked up our negatives and some photographic paper and headed off to the dark room. After 3 hours you're eyes do get used to it but when you leave it you definitely have "mole eyes".
We learnt how to use the light projectors and test how much exposure we should apply through the negative. After processing test strips and washing the prints in the chemical baths we only had time to create 3 prints that we left to dry and will pick up next week.

I can't wait to see what they look like and Ill post them here to let you have a peek too.

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