This week in photography class we went up to the roof of the 13 floor college to take pictures of the view. We were lucky it was such a gorgeous day and I think you can tell this is a rare occurance in Glasgow due to the slightly obsessive way I try to get as much of the blue sky in the frame as possible. The brief we were given before we started shooting was to take some pictures that could be stitched together to produce a panoramic image and a "squinty" picture that we could use in a photoshop experiment.

I always think that if we had more days of sunshine this city would have it all and looking at these images confirmed this for me. They instantly remind me of the grid structure of the roads and street's in New York and Barcelona. I took some shots looking straight at the sun and although I've never been something about the resulting image makes me think of San Fransisco.
What do you think?

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