Over the last couple of weeks I've looked at self love and sisterly love but today I started thinking about the love you feel towards other people. 
As soon as I say that my mind instantly goes to my boyfriend and my best friend, the people you get on with and choose to have in your life because they're fun and they'd do anything for you and you them.

What about the difficult people in your life?
You know the ones, the family members that say inappropriate things at the wrong time or 
the friend that doesn't agree with ANY of your opinions and you start to wonder why your even friends.

How do YOU act around them?
Are you constantly on the defensive or try to limit the amount of time you spend with them? 

How about the next time you think about that difficult person you focus on the good things you love about them, go on there must be something! 
Send them love instead of negative thoughts and see how it changes your feelings towards them and then the actual relationship. This might sound like a lot of hard work and you might think why should I even bother, but think about how good YOU will feel when your not tense or aggravated before you are due to see them or when your in their company.

It's easy to love the lovable people in your life but why not show the unlovable's that you rate them too?
My friend "McDougal"s (if you read my TGROW post you'll have already heard of her,  
she's a fountain of knowledge and my "go to" if I need some straight talking advice) 
favourite quote is ~

"You get more with sugar than you do with sh**" 

Why not give the people you least enjoy spending time with a little sugar? 
You never know it might sweeten them up. 

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