This time last year I used to get up 30 minutes before I had to leave for work because that's how long it took me to get ready and I was ALWAYS literally running to catch my train every morning and usually missing it. 

I believe that you should take care of your mind, body and spirit as a unit to ensure you are working with the best version of yourself, I always exercised and looked after the "body" part but to look after the mind I started to meditate for 10 minutes. This meant I had to get up 40 minutes before I had to leave for work and to be honest when I first started it I didn't know how I was going to fit it in but there's a great saying that ~

"you should meditate for 15 minutes a day unless you don't have time, then meditate for 30 minutes". 

I am NOT a morning person but little by little I managed to increase my daily meditation time to 20 minutes and found that because I was calmer and making time for my morning routine (as well as getting ready for work) I actually had more time to do other things such as have breakfast and a short work out.
I really want to enjoy my morning's even if it is cold and pitch dark in the middle of winter and recently found out about the Ayurvedic philosophy
It believes the choices that you make regarding your daily routine either build up resistance to disease or tear it down. Ayurveda invites us to get a jump-start on the day by focusing on morning rituals that work to align the body with nature’s rhythms, balance the doshas and foster self-esteem alongside self-discipline. 

One of the things it suggests and I have decided to include is drinking warm water and lemonI think we all know this is meant to be good for us but I did wonder what it exactly helps with, check out the top ten benefits ~

1. Aids Digestion 
2. Cleanses Your System / is a Diuretic. 
3. Boosts Your Immune System 
4. Balances pH Levels 
5. Clears Skin
6. Energizes You and Enhances Your Mood.
7. Promotes Healing. 
8. Freshens Breath. 
9. Hydrates Your Lymph System. 
10. Aids in Weight Loss.

I read a quote recently by Michelle Obama who said she wouldn't think twice about getting up early to help with work or her kids but when it came to herself she just didn't make the time. How can you look after your loved ones if you don't look after yourself?

I've found that taking time out, especially in the morning to set the right intention for the rest of the day is the best way to show yourself love and respect, it's something you do solely for YOU!
When was the last time you did that?
What could you make time for that shows you care about yourself?

Even 10 minutes every day is a start.

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