As you've probably guessed by now I love all things to do with design but here are some other things that I honestly could not live without!

#1 Barcelona.
I love traveling to different cities but Barcelona is the first place that I have been to where I have instantly thought "I could live here!".

#2 Cheescake.
I love desserts but Cheescake is my absolute fave. It does'nt have to be fancy, have fruit or decorations on it. Just a simple Baked New York Vanilla Cheesecake is my idea of heaven.

#3 Films.
I am a total film geek. No matter if it is of the cartoon, foreign, biographical or fanstay genre I will watch it. One film that I actually flagged up as my fave in a job interview when I was asked tell me something that is not on your CV is "This is England" by the director Shane Meadows. This is  epic as a stand alone film but he then spoiled us and went on to create the drama Series "This is England '84" and "This is England '86". 

#4 High Heels.
I am only 5", I would love to be taller but for now I wear high heels everywhere.
I don' know what I do without them.


#5 Reading.
As much as I am a DeesignGeek I am probably a BookGeek in equal measures! There's nothing better than reading a book that transports you to a different world and you can block out the outside world.


#6 Graffiti.

I suppose this is still design related but art and design is such a big part of my life that I couldn't leave it out. I think I love Graffiti as it is usually found on dark, bland and grey surfaces in industrial estates or on subway trains and injects a splash of colour and generally brightens up the place.


#7 Keeping Fit.

I honestly believe that a healthy body makes a healthy mind.
Don't get me wrong I'm not a gym fanatic getting a session in before work, no no no but I do try to go at least 3 times a week (which usually ends up being twice).
Its just makes me feel better and happier and it even helps with ideas when I have a creative block. Hey and if I lose a few pounds all the better!


#8 Socialising.

Theres nothing better than having a catch up with your friends with a refreshing Mojito.
There is a great little Mojito bar in Barcelona (my #1 love) and yes this reminds me of holidays so I am really combing 3 loves in 1 here. Is that allowed? Ok I won't tell if you won't.


#9 Laughing.

Who doesn't like a good belly laugh. It makes everything instantly alright. I am lucky enough to have some good friends that have the same sense of humour as me and they are worth their weight in gold. Sometimes we take life and ourselves too seriously, but a good giggle can definatey make you feel like you can take on the world.
P.S I aspire to be as happy as the little girl in the photo, who looks like she is having the best time ever!

#10 Family.

And last but definately not least, The Wilson's. Yup my family
(no not in the picture I am talking figuratively!) We are all different in our own way and I am very independant but I know that if I ever need them that they would be there for me and that's a pretty good feeling.

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